The Leroy Blocks - Two New Murals on Belmont

A local non-profit, the Portland Street Art Alliance (PSAA, along with a few friends and Sunnyside neighbors have secured two walls at 34th & Belmont and 35th & Belmont, to paint TWO NEW PUBLIC ART MURALS dedicated to Leroy Sly Scott (1956-2020), Tony Boone's well-loved dog Frank Sinatra (Street Roots vendor), and our longtime houseless neighbors in Sunnyside. 

A large new mural will be painted on the side of TAO OF TEA (in a parking lot at 35th & Belmont) thanks to the support of the owner Veerinder Chawla. This mural, entitled "House Keys Not Handcuffs" aims to highlight and support our longtime houseless neighbors in Sunnyside. The mural is being painted by a team of 4 local muralists including JADE STURMS, MADDO HUES, and friends. It will be painted in a style similar to the Keep on the Sunnyside Mural (30th & Belmont) and the mural on the side of Noun at 33rd & Belmont, so it will fit into the neighborhood's public art collection nicely. 

Mural Design:

The Leroy Memorial Mural is being painted on the side of Belmont Market, right next to the stoop Leroy spent most of his time. The centerpiece of the Leroy mural was painted and designed by a local muralist, KYRA WATKINS. Along with this portrait of Leroy, this mural also features a quote his favorite saying, “All around the world, the same song" a Digital Underground song. The typography for the mural was designed by local artist ALICIA SCHULTZ. Community members Caleb Ruecker, Sarah Farahat, Tammy MacKinnon, Tiffany Conklin, and Tony all lent a hand in the painting of this mural. 

These two murals are being managed by PSAA on a pro-bono/volunteer basis. These are people and topics near and dear to our heart. Once a year, PSAA selects a pro-bono project to volunteer our time for. 

We are asking for community support with this fundraiser to pay the artists for their time and to cover the supplies and mural permit fees. 

PSAA hosted a Leroy Mural campaign last year that raised about $2,400. We are aiming to raise at least another $3,100 to support these 2 mural projects, to bring us to a $5,500 goal for the two projects. 

More about the Leroy Memorial Mural (In-Progress Now on Belmont Market) 

Many who have lived, worked, and played in this neighborhood likely recognize Leroy. He lived on the streets of Belmont for three decades. Many of us remember Leroy fondly as he always greeted people with a smile and kind gesture. In August 2019, Leroy finally moved from the streets into housing, thanks to the hard work of his friends who advocated for him until the end. Leroy lived happily in his own apartment, but always missed his friends on Belmont. Less than a year later, on April 4, 2020 Leroy was rushed to the hospital. He was unable to eat or drink for many days because of immense back pain. After a lot of tests, doctors found cancer which had spread throughout his entire body. Leroy sadly passed away two weeks later at the Peace Hospice House with his friends by his side, listening to Frank Sinatra’s “My Way.” People from all around the city and world sent Leroy video messages, stuffed animals, cards, and his favorite candies. Friends held a socially distant memorial outside of Belmont Market for Leroy in which dozens of neighbors came to pay their respects and share stories about their dearly departed friend.

Thank you for your time, and remember, to always keep on the Sunnyside of Life!

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